One Page Teaser

Want to get a quick overview of what Wrapidity is about? Then this is the right place for you. Read more.

Pitch Slide Set

Quick overview of Wrapidity’s vision and technology. Look out for the case studies, including millions of restaurant locations extracted with 90%+ accuracy. Read more.

VLDB 2014, Innovative Systems Paper

Description of the core architecture and adaptive exploration and analysis engine used in Wrapidity. Read more.

OXPath 2013 VLDBJ, Best Paper Issue

Wrapidity’s extraction language OXPath, originally published at VLDB 2011 and selected for inclusion into this best paper issue of the VLDB Journal. Read more.

Extended background slides

Extended slide set that also illustrates the underlying components and technology. Read more.

Wrapper Repair, ICDE 2016

Wrapidity doesn’t just automatically induce wrappers, but also repairs and maintains wrappers with no additional supervision. Read more.